About drumming and its future

source: woodworkessence.com

Decadence as seen on the Concise Oxford Dictionary is “a luxurious self-indulgence”, isn’t is this what we’ve been experimenting lately, since the realistic drumming simulators began its invasion? Because certainly, the tools that were used before that huge realistic sound and perfection revolution (a.k.a. Advanced Roland brains or Yamaha’s Dt Express or the cool loops applications) were a great compliment on drumming, great effects, great new ideas and conceptions, but one thing is for sure: Drumming ain’t getting bigger, drumming itself is going straight down.

I’d say that Jazz was the element that helded the technique up, that kept challenging the drummer to explore newer and more advanced approaches to develope its talent deeper and deeper through those long hours of practice (The great Elvin Jones used to practice up to 9 hours everyday, and he did improve the drumming world a lot) and make the drumming experience even greater than what it naturally was. When we had jazz as the main style in the global culture (it expressed finnese, good taste, admiration from the white guy to the black guy, what a revolution!) we had an unknown universe to expand, and yet those old cats weren’t able to completely figure out about what it was, and probably nobody will.

Up next?
We can’t say it will be Jazz Fusion, because certainly the mix between Jazz and a bit of rock with electronic elements on it, already happened in the mid 80’s and 90’s with bands such as the Chick Corea Elektric Band, and damn… What a band! Weckl was (and still is) insanely great on the subject. But we might say we can relive that in a different approach, in a more contemporary bussiness setup, because the real challenge this time is to implement the marketing tools over the revival of the old concepts, this way is a win/win thing for musicians and producers.

The revival
Hard and dedicated drumming can live once again. Man, we’re talking about the most primitive instrument there has ever been! We shouldn’t throw to the ground all the approaches from Moeller, Morello, Chapin.. Buddy Rich’s coolness and replace it for what? A straight ahead 4/4 beat or a worked out beat from a triggered metal drummer or a computer? We ain’t expanding, we’re little by little letting the lyricist express himself over a repressed musician playing something that doesn’t really make him express to the bones. Enough said, let’s start improving our drumming world now! The very first thing is technique and innovation on the drums, go from there and you’ll see the impact by yourself, then make it marketable without losing the grace of it.



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