How many :)

How many were born, how many didn’t reach the sunset, how many were freezing, how many felt all that heat like me and my friends, how many started their love life, how many decided to break up, how many thought they did but they return today to him/her, how many twins were born, how many of them are now alone in the world, how many got mad, how many made it and they’re out of the madhouse, how many picked up a guitar for the first time, how many sold it on ebay, how many balls they threw, how many they catched with their face (or their buttocks), how many people earned their first salary, how many were on their way to make the process for their pension, how many gave a kiss, how many wished one, how many believed it was a mistake, how many tried to solve the problems, how many screamed.. Eureka!, how many wanted to see something nice about today, how many actually did, I could, you should try 😉

– Marcelo


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