The Perfect Reality

It was hard for me to realise how the perfect reality was meant to be, we’re not talking about utopia situations or lifestyles, it’s about adjusting our minds to the current reality, which in a 100% of cases, it’s perfect .

You may think, “ok, so I’m awfully poor (or rich, both cases might produce a poor way to live (a.k.a. Reality) and I have no friends or my life sucks”. Well dear reader, allow me tell you that your reality is perfect the way it is.. ‘Cause at the end of the day, it still is your life, and nobody else’s same reality.

The very beginning of this concept came to my mind through thinking about what do Emo guys/girls feel attracted about being emo, and is that, leaving behind fashion and sadness as the center of their lives, there are emotions constantly coming through.. Sometimes pain can be beautiful just because it can touch your soul deeply, and easier than love in some cases.

A lugubrious reality can be as beautifully perfect as the bright in your lover’s eyes. Just think about it: Picture in your mind a beautiful sunset over the sea, with those soothing waves arriving at the shore and crashing right away with the sand, and look at the horizon line, and even if you can.. Feeling the breeze. Notice how your mind now has positive peaceful reality, it’s perfect. Let’s take this as an experiment.

Now picture a dark day of crisis at Somalia, watching those little boys and girls die of hunger, asking desperately for just a glass of water and/or a piece of bread, it’s a cruel world out there, you know. Feel that pain and uncomfortable sensations running through your body and soul…. It feels so odd.

..Proceeding with the experiment: Aren’t this perfect realities? One is perfectly positive and sweet, the other is perfectly wrong and bitter. But both have perfection as their common factor. Every single atom and particle on their place, ready to make an effect on your soul, teaching you about themselves just by starring at them on your mind.. ain’t that perfect.. Perfection is everything man..

So the moral is.. Readjust your reality, or learn how to live with it, nothing but that.. Your life can be how you want it to be, nobody else has the ability to mold your reality like you can.. Overwhelming effort makes the difference if you don’t feel it as positive or negative as you wish.



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