A day @ the studio

I hope to record someday in one of these :D

Studio !

It’s always a nice day when you spend an entire afternoon recording at the studio, and you enjoy it 😀 that’s the sensation I got from my fourth studio recording, I really enjoyed it !

It took me about 30 min. To record a 4 minutes drum track, while I was getting oriented by the guys from my band about the parts of the song.

The total cost was $100 US ($50.000 CLP) per song (not per hour) and it sounds beautifully well 🙂

Some tips that I might give you, in order to get a well recorded track, is to take your time to record the stuff (in case you’ve got a determinated number of hours to record, specially world class quality recording, which costs a lot per hour). You’ll notice it takes less time if you’re solid and confident about what you’re playing, as it leads you to have no pressure.

Another tip that I might give you, is to divide your attention in percentages:
50% the sound of your instrument, it must sound well tuned and every stroke must be given in the right place with the right intensity.

20% quadrature with the band, the indications and the tempo must be the closest to perfection possible (talk with the sound enginner if you don’t feel comfortable about the levels of the other voices of the instruments, some might sound louder and produce the dampening of voices or click tracks)

10% Put your soul on it: After all, you’ll probably have only one version of this song out there, and you must transmite your soul through what you play. This has a low percentage, because it’s something you must feel, not be fully concentrated about.

20% enjoy it 🙂 as simple as that.

P.s: It was two days recording a 20 tracks song 😛
– Marcelo 🙂


Stressed up?


Stress ain't a real enemy, it's just something on your mind

‘Tho I believe in Stress ’cause I’ve experimented with it’s existence, I rather fool myself by thinking it’s just a plain myth, because I still have many other things to worry about, and stress should be the less important of all.

Life is too short to think about fighting against stress, I had so many things to do this week, that I started to feel the stress and fun at the same time (odd, but possible combination) until I cleared my mind up (that’s something you can always make happen, a worried mind is something hard to deal with ’cause you can’t always notice when you have it, you just keep your life going on, without seeing what’s going on with the integrity of your thoughts, until you see the undesired results at the end of the road).

The main idea I’m trying to emphasize is for you to consider, when you’re feeling stressed, find out how clear is your mind, by thinking logically, is like a slap against your own face, but without feeling the burning of it.

In other cases you can start feeling more relaxed, but you are still feeling fisically stressed… Like me this week; I woke up with bruxism twice, I could barely open my mouth during hours and it was desperating, it’s almost psychosomatic, but the pain in my jaw everytime I tried to open it, was real)

So what’s the bottom line? Never consider stress as a main subject on your mind, ’cause you can stop thinking clearly and it ain’t good at all; breath in and out, see what’s the environment you’re dealing with, and just think carefully, with attention to details, plan it right, then things would have no reason to go wrong 🙂 feel your eyes opening.. I swear, it’s one of the best sensations in the world.

About relaxing mind clearing methods: I believe in music as a powerful mind clearing method, it’s quite strong… And also in getting far away during a couple of minutes, of the place where you’re feeling stressed, wherever you’re, just go away, breath and think clear… Don’t do anything stupid if you’re not sure whether do it or not.. You’ll start feeling less edgy, and much more confident about things you’re trying to solve.. Smile, it ain’t bad at all 😀 !