Apocalypse Please

I see it on the news, I see it on Twitter.. The world might be ending; it seems a great way to sow paranoia.. But I see it as a great chance for everyone to start reflecting about the possibility of the end of their lives.. I’ll only know in the afterlife (if there’s one) if I did everything I had to do in my life.

Particulary, I rather a thousand times to leave this world from one second to another, thinking.. “I should have done this, oh.. I’m so sorry I didn’t” ’cause it makes a balance in life.. Not everyone reaches the end of a marathon (some may faint, some may just retire) But if I have lived a loong beautiful life, when I’m 90 years old, I believe it could be a great chance to think about the things I didn’t do.. Cause it might be the end of the race.. But I can’t just give up half of the marathon when I’m 17, I feel life in all of it magnificence, all day long! 😀 .. it’s something really deep to reflect about.

About today’s end of the world. It’s plain stupid, but I rather take it with fun, instead of seriously say ‘Ooh.. this guy fooled the world, he must die .-.’ it’s pointless. Take it light as a feather, it’s much more productive to spend a moment thinking positively and light.. than thinking sorely serious 😀 ..Finding true love in life? yeah, I’ll write about it later on 🙂 I’m going to have dinner. See ya!

-Marcelo 🙂


Hard Week… Not quite sure :)

I reaaally hate exams period :/

Not much time for music, neither for me... Exams are the opium of the students

I know this week wasn’t precisely a regular week @ my school; we had a plenty of tests and I don’t hope to get results as good as I’d naturally expect from a well deserved effort studying; I imagine this panorama (and I’d say it’s awesome for you to do it as well! It helps considerably!) : “Hmm Fine, crappy week, but.. who cares ! I have the rest of the year to improve my grades, and not many things can stop me 😛 in fact.. Everything’s inside of me, this energy that leads me to success, is unmeasurable, so improving my grades… Is a fact ;)”

This kind of thoughts are the ones who takes the winners to where they are now; get them into your mind, and things will go much better inevitably.

By other side.. This week was beautiful! 😀 I decided to smile, and let my inner happiness flow through the places I was, and it worked perfectly well: Give to take love from the world… that’s right on ! 🙂

Spiritual Trip

.. That's Why My Spiritual Trip Begins

I need to find myself

I need to find myself.

That’s the only thing I thought today… Is that I haven’t found real love, neither found spiritual richness.. that’s why I need to find myself. In a corner of this society there’s a lonely child, who I haven’t found yet, but I’ll begin to search inside of me.

The only way to take this spiritual quest, is ironically.. to be most of the time lonely; so I’ll get away from my mac, my iPad, but not my iPod (as in every long trip, I need music) to avoid interacting with foolish distractions and leaving me as an anonymous inside of me. One of my best friends told me today that I shouldn’t stop socializing, and he’s right (he ..most of the time is) I’ve always thought that my friends are a vital part of me, and I can’t leave any part of me lonely by this heights.

So, I need answers that I only can find in my interior to questions that will define my way to behave and think for the rest of my life (or at least, the next 25 years) this is very important to me, and this trip is starting to turn into a necessity. It might last 3 hours, 3 days, 3 months… even 3 years, but I’ll make it worth it.

Life is way more complex than I thought it was; it isn’t just about living simply without any troubles.. because troubles and risks makes life tasty; and I’ll start to search myself and stabilish my feelings. I haven’t fisically cryied during hours since a loooong time, but my soul hasn’t stop crying ever since, I’ll give it a tissue and a comfortable shoulder to fade the cryin’ with this trip

“Nothing ever happens, if you don’t make it happen” ~Steven Wilson.

Let the journey begin.

– Marcelo